Girolamo da Schio

Girolamo da Schio


Ciao 😊

My name is Girolamo, I’m writing from Vicenza where I work, remotely, as a Backend Engineer.

I started my career in audiovisual production, but then Covid changed the world, I could not film anymore and I discovered my passion for Software development.

After attending a training in Python on Datacamp I’ve landed an apprenticeship at an IT Consultancy Firm where I work as a Backend developer collaborating with a brilliant team of Smart Process Automation Engineers.

🛠️ Professionally:

I build ETL pipelines deployed within Kubernetes or Serverless containers. I love the challenge of dealing with intricate systems and making sure they work flawlessly and consistently. My job is to build, optimize, and maintain the foundation of Smart Process Automation applications in a Cloud Environment.

🌟 Beyond the Desk:

But there’s more to me than just code. In my hometown, I’m a hacktivist, working alongside the city administration on initiatives related to digital innovation.

It’s about using technology to solve local problems and improve the lives of those in our community. I believe that tech has the potential to create a brighter future for us all on matters of education, empowerment, and transparency.

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