Girolamo da Schio

Girolamo da Schio

Deploying my first API troubles

Hello there :) Now that I’ve virtualized my Api and uploaded it to Azure Container Registry, I want to deploy it as a Container app.

Here are the commands:

az login az extension add --name containerapp --upgrade az provider register --namespace Microsoft.App

az containerapp env create \
  --resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP \
  --location $LOCATION
az containerapp create \
  --name $APP_NAME \
  --resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP \
  --image $IMAGE \
  --target-port 80 \
  --ingress 'external' \
  --query properties.configuration.ingress.fqdn

Here happens the first issue:

(WebhookInvalidParameterValue) The following field(s) are either invalid or missing. Invalid value: "": GET https:?scope=repository%3Acodecember%2Fdays-to-xmas%3Apull& UNAUTHORIZED: authentication required, visit for more information.:

Why that has happened? Given that creating a Container App from Azure GUI is working fine, I need to understand how to authenticate correctly to my azure container registry.

A partial solution to the problem can be found here

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