Girolamo da Schio

Girolamo da Schio

Codecember once again. A Journey into iCloud Photo Management

Hej Girolamo of the future! I’m writing this blogpost to inaugurate the second session of codecember. Is the argument that in 2022 stimulated you mostly to write in your blog, so you are doing that again.

Moreover, probably you have now more experience, and reading what you accomplish each codecember can be a reward for your journey into learning.

You are excited, I know, to do that you’ve renewed an old macbook with Ubuntu, and (this maybe you won’t remember) you are trying to write some blogpost before the days in december so that you haven’t to write each single day.

So here is your goal: an application that allows to visualize and delete duplicates photos on my icloud account.

Structuring this as a Proof of concept, is needed to understand if it’s feasible. Then, you’ll think how to make it production ready.

As a great space traveler once said: let’s go.