Girolamo da Schio

Girolamo da Schio

How you use to set up a Python environment for your POC.

Hello reader, you were writing from a new computer. So you:

  1. Download the community version of your favorite Python IDE.
  2. Create a .env folder in your home directory
  3. Clone last year’s codecember repository, open it with IDE, and place python virtualenv into that file.

A screenshot of my Pycharm settings

  1. Install the git toolbox plugin
  2. Create a new branch named after codecember 2022 to have a clean space for codecember 2023 in main.
  3. Ready to go: install the requirements pip install pyicloud – to connect to iCloud pip install python-decouple – to store sensitive data in a file that I’m not going to commit.

As I’ve set a 2 factors authentication, I can’t just connect with my user id and password. So I follow the guide and I approve.

To start this POC, so far I have created: A screenshot of the tree of my service

Where contains the client as suggested into the pyicloud project. Where a hidden file contains my data. Where the connection works.

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