Girolamo da Schio

Girolamo da Schio

Four questions

What’s your proudest achievement? It can be a personal project or something you’ve worked on professionally. Just a short paragraph is fine, but I’d love to know why you’re proud of it.

Before the Covid pandemic, I used to work as a movie producer. Unemployed, no sets were allowed during the first phases of the pandemic, I’ve decided to reskill and started studying Software engineering. Is two years now that I’m a Backend developer at an It consultancy company, working for one of the major Insurance companies. Not speaking of the fact that thanks to my new work I could marry my spouse and thanks to my competencies I’ve been asked to counsel the mayor of my town on matters of digital innovation.

What’s the most complex and difficult project that you’ve faced so far?

I’ve defined the strategy to reindex a badly written database in production. This happened when the application was under audit I didn’t have access to all the codebase due to privacy reasons so I’ve had to work with a developer of a competing company.

Tell me about a technical book or article you read recently, why you liked it, and why I should read it.

Site Reliability Engineering by Beyer, Jones, Petoff, and Murphy (O’Reilly). Teaches about how Google runs production systems and explains why 100% reliability is not the right goal to reach. Instead, developers should focus on how to optimize the percentage of unreliability of their systems. How do you run systems in production?

Tell me about that time when you made a big mistake at work. How did you handle it? What have you learned?

I’ve collaborated with other engineers to improve an application in production. I’ve ignored some alerts on the application that I thought referred to errors that the application started to handle, and, I’ve not dug into it. Until a customer signaled that numerous processes didn’t succeed. I was responsible for a bad fix and of a not responsible alert management. Now I’m a relentless digger.